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For national charities replenishment and fulfilment to stores becomes more complex. This is especially true if you factor in that charities have many different store profiles, for example: charity shops that specialise in selling furniture or electrical goods. With Cybertill’s merchandising module you can create profiles of your stores. This can be done via size, products carried and so forth. So it is important nationals can profile their stores before they allocate stock, so only the correct lines can be allocated to the right shops. In Cybertill you can create store profiles and then allocate lines against each profile. You are able to profile your stores against a wide range of metrics from size to product lines carried to grade.

Merchandising Modules

There is a wide array of other tools in merchandising that can help national charities manage their supply chain more effectively. These include replenishment, suggested orders, purchase order approval, quality assurance management for bought in goods and forecasting.

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Peak trading times

Integrated Warehousing

At peak trading times it is vital that warehouses are efficiently managed so retailers can optimise the flow of stock in and out. Central to this is the picking. Cybertill allocates pick notes and routes to pickers, so goods are picked and scanned in the most efficient order so retailers can maximise shipments to both stores and direct drops to customers. Warehousing also works in tandem with ordering and merchandising, so at any one time inbound planning can allocate orders to specific warehouses, whilst also calculating available space at each warehouse on specific dates.

Loss Prevention

We would like to think that charity retail would be immune to theft, but unfortunately this is not always the case. So charities need to have measures in place to help prevent and identify fraud. Just as Cybertill’s single scan gift aid solution helps eradicate ticket swapping in-store our loss prevention module helps reduce employee fraud. There are a multitude of automated and self-defined reports that charities can personalise and set. These reports and alerts inform charities of suspicious behaviour and transactions. The Loss Prevention module will be available in 2015.