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The process required by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) can seem complicated and because of the paper trail involved, many charities are missing out on the increase in profit that retail Gift Aid provides.

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To ensure charities do not miss out on this huge potential Cybertill has developed a Gift Aid software solution that has been developed in line with HMRC recommendations.

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In order to process Retail Gift Aid the donor is required to complete a Gift Aid declaration. The charity must then keep a record of the proceeds of the sale of each item and after the goods are sold must then write to the supporter to confirm that they want to donate the sale proceeds to the charity.

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Cybertill Automates Gift Aid


"Charities that claim Gift Aid can boost their income by almost a third on donations."

What’s more once a donor consents to the charity retailer claiming Gift Aid on their donation, the Cybertill Gift Aid software solution automatically recognises them on any future donations, no matter which branch they visit. This gives charities the ability to optimise fund raising earnings on donations.

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Cybertill’s standard Gift Aid software system also records and automates all transactions as well as helping the charity notify the donor, performing many other necessary functions. The standard gift aid system is incredibly easy to use. At the till point the volunteer simply chooses the correct hot shot (whether the item is gift aided or not) they then choose the category of the product and enter the price. Once this is done they scan the barcode of the donor ID and take payment. The standard gift aid software was the most accurate and efficient way of processing gift aided sales in-store until we developed our advanced gift aid software solution.

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