Advanced Gift aid

The Benefits of Advanced Gift Aid Software

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    100% Accurate on Gift Aid

    Eradicates handwritten labels for price and gift aid. Scan a single barcode at the till which contains the price, category and donor ID. One barcode and no missing gift aid labels.

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    Increases Gift Aid Claims

    It’s more accurate, raises average transaction values, eradicates ticket swapping, provides real time data: these help charities increase their gift aid claims. Some charities have experienced a 40% uplift.

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    Guarantees Correct Data Entry

    Scan a single barcode and take payment at the till. No information regards price, category, donor ID needs to be manually recorded. This eradicates mis-keyed transactions and guarantees correct data entry.

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    Stock Control on Donated Goods

    When donations are recorded into Cybertill the stock is live immediately. Charities see these stock levels (on all categories) across their stores and ensure each shop carries the right level of stock and lines.

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    Reduces Fraud

    There is no sticker with a price on, but a barcode with a price and product description so it eradicates ticket swapping.

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    The Price is the Price

    The price is fixed by the barcode this prevents operators changing prices.

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    Speeds up Transaction Process

    Scan a barcode and take payment. No data input is required.

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    Real Time Reporting

    In Cybertill you see all sales and stock levels in real time. So decisions can be made that immediately impact performance.

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    Sell Online

    Unusual items are often sold at higher prices online. Single Scan Gift Aid is part of a multi-channel retail system. Stores are able to add items to your online store.

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    Retail Best Practice

    High street retailers have been using barcodes for years. It guarantees pricing accuracy and eradicates ticket swapping.

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    Automates Claims Process

    Single Scan Gift Aid can automate the claims process and submit them direct via the HMRC Gift Aid portal.

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    Cloud Software

    Single Scan Gift Aid, like all Cybertill software, is cloud based. This gives Charities a variety of benefits, including; remote access, real time data, free software upgrades and many more.

Why not download our Advanced Gift Aid Infographic?

Scores of charities are turning to our gift aid software to help them raise more funds for their charity. The short video below highlights how simple it is to introduce our gift aid system into a charity shop.

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Advanced Gift Aid enables you to speed up the process at the till and it means we never miss a gift aid sale, or have a price go through incorrectly and nobody can change prices on the tickets. Before this I know we were missing some gift aid sales so I am confident this will increase how much we claim on gift aid. It has a knock on effect to other best practices. And from the volunteers point of view they absolutely love this, it is so simple for them. Now it’s like playing shops, they are in Tesco’s and zapping everything and they love it.

Marisa Haines, Dove House Hospice