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Cybertill offers a variety of complementary services to our charity retail system to help ensure charities optimise their investment into Cybertill. These include project management, training, support, software development, retail consumables and conferences.

Project Management

When charities plan and invest in a charity retail system it is as important to focus on the deployment, training and services of the system as it is the functionality. For many they will have limited experience in rolling out an EPoS or gift aid system. There is a lot to take into account. For example winning the hearts and minds of those that will be using the system, installing and setting up each till, the training of the shop managers and volunteers, ensuring the infrastructure (broadband, power sockets at the till point etc) in-store is in place prior to deployment…the list goes on.

It is important to get these elements right from the outset as this will set the tone for the success of the system throughout the estate. To do this takes careful planning and consideration and perhaps most importantly experience. The Cybertill Project Services team has helped scores of charities, with many different needs and demands, reap the rewards of successfully installing Cybertill across large and small retail estates. We understand the potential pitfalls and what is required for a successful roll out. After all the smoother and quicker the transition the earlier charities can start earning more revenues through their retail operations.


Many charities rely on a high number of volunteers to help run their stores. Often there can be hundreds or thousands of volunteers working across a charity’s retail estate, many of whom may not have worked in a technology lead environment. Cybertill has vast experience of training such numbers of volunteers and offers different types of training programmes to suit the individual charity, including train the trainer programmes.

We do however believe that training is best delivered face to face as we believe this delivers the best results. Cybertill also provides training props as well, such as online manuals, training videos as well as an intuitive help function in the system. Part of the consideration of training is to ensure that everyone who needs to be trained is. So if a charity’s accounts department will use Cybertill to run reports and submit gift aid claims then we ensure they are included in the training.


Cybertill offers support 365 days of the year to its customers. We can be contacted via phone or email. We have different levels of support, which are: first, second and third line. Essentially first line will take all calls and try and resolve the issue there and then. If they are unable to do this they will pass this on to second and third line who will help you resolve any issues. Importantly all Cybertill’s support is in-house, as we do not outsource support to third parties, as we believe we know our system better than anyone. All the support team are fully trained and they are all located at our head office in Knowsley, just outside Liverpool.

We also understand charity retailers don’t work standard 9-5 hours. Many will be in their offices early and stay late and some shops may stay open late throughout the year. So our opening hours reflect these long hours, we are also open on the weekend.

Monday to Saturday our support team is available from 07:30 to 22:00. And on Sunday 08:30 to 18.00, 365 days a year.

Software Development

Cybertill offers the leading charity retail system in the UK. It includes charity EPoS and gift aid softwarepromotions and additional modules such as ecommerce and mail order can be included. Despite all this we are continually looking to improve our system further. We have a product roadmap with planned additional features.

Although some customers also request bespoke software development, this is a service we do offer. We work with customers to agree a specification for the software development and how it will work. We then calculate the time it will take to develop and test. We then provide the software to the customer with a warranty.

Retail Consumables

Cybertill can offer charities a variety of retail consumables including till rolls to supporter cards to cleaning equipment for your tills. This also includes a special charity rate on all consumables.

The consumables team can be contacted on 0844 855 1600 (option 2) or visit our website.


Cybertill also arranges educational charity retail conferences. These are normally directed at Cybertill customers. At past events we have had organisations such as HMRCCharity Retail Association and Cancer Research discuss a wide varied range of topics, including Gift Aid legislation and driving donations. Be sure to check our events.

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