Seamless Transactions Online or Offline

By: elizabeth Duffy | Posted on June 2, 2017
CharityStore Technology is Evolving

We passionately believe that our customers should always be able to give their customers a great shopping experience. That’s why CharityStore’s Cloud EPoS now offers you a new and better way to process every transaction smoothly, seamlessly and securely.

Seamless Transactions

We’ve updated our PoS to make it easy for your staff or volunteers when serving customers at the till, taking the pressure off if the internet connection is lost. Whether the till is online or offline, the seamless switch between the two means you can focus on giving great customer service, rather than dealing with a technology problem.

Evolving Technology

Our innovative use of HTML 5 technology means we can promise you all your key customer service functions to process transactions, including credit card payments in-store, capturing Gift Aid sales and dealing with returns; whatever your internet connection. Forget to upload all your offline transactions when the internet connection is restored? No problem, with the offline till this is done automatically, and updates made to products, prices or even staff login details are updated regularly in the background throughout the day, rather than overnight, ensuring that your till is kept up to date.

Secure data

We take security very seriously which means that no data is permanently stored on your local devices but cleverly and securely embedded in the browser, awaiting transfer to the Cloud. If your internet connection is lost there are no data security issues and no loss of transaction information.

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