Charity retail system


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Our single scan gift aid solution is the only system that will eradicate all missed gift aid sales in-store. It also means that volunteers simply scan a product’s barcode at point of sale for each transaction. The barcode contains the product price, category and donor ID. This also eradicates all mis-keyed transactions at point of sale, whether it is a price reduction, products allocated to wrong category or gift aid donor details incorrectly entered. Our Charity retail system however is much more than just a charity EPoS system and gift aid software, it is a multi-channel retail system, allowing charity retailers to sell online, in-store and over the phone.

Are Charities Ready for Multi-Channel Retail?


Many charities don’t just sell in-store, they sell online, over the phone and across other platforms. The challenge for these charity retailers is that the bulk of their goods are donated. So how can charities properly allocate the rarer, more valuable donated goods to be sold to a wider audience, whether that is on their own ecommerce site or on a third party site like eBay? Cybertill has its own ecommerce platform, which integrates seamlessly with our charity EPoS system. This means charities can upload products to their website from their respective stores. For those charities that manage their website centrally, from head office or their main warehouse, goods can be redirected back to head office and the process can be managed from there.


Cybertill gives charities a single unified charity retail system that allows them to manage all their sales channels.
Cybertill is used in the following ways by charities:


Cybertill can also offer Mobile PoS to help charities manage pop up stores, it can also be used to help manage ‘personal selling’ of bought in goods by sales agents at private parties.

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Supply Chain

Cybertill offers several supply chain modules, including warehousing, merchandising and loss prevention. These can help larger national charities manage their bought in goods, as well as donated items more effectively. National charities are able to implement an end to end retail solution with Cybertill making their retail operations leaner and more profitable.

Future Proofing a Charity's Investment

Our Charity Retail System future proofs a charity’s investment, as Cybertill, unlike other available options, is truly multi-channel and can grow and evolve with a charity’s retail and fundraising departments. What’s more Cybertill helps charities deliver a quick return on investment (ROI). Many customers have commented with Cybertill their expected ROI has been halved as the system not only saves but also helps generate more funds. To find out more read some of Cybertill’s charity case studies.