How Lottery Can Work In-Store

By: Kate Williams | Posted on April 17, 2015
Cybertill Charity Lottery Module

Lotteries for many charities have become a valuable source of fundraising. However many could improve their lottery sales inordinately if they sold, and as importantly promoted, lottery tickets in their charity shops. The trouble for many is that this is very much a manual process of selling and collating lottery tickets in-store. Years ago this was acceptable, but the National Lottery (now Lotto) has set people’s expectations on how lotteries function in-store. When people buy a lottery ticket they expect the till or lottery station to print out a ticket with their randomly selected number or numbers on. They then pay their pound or price of the ticket and the transaction is complete, in a simple, quick and effective manner. Unfortunately this is not the case for many charities. 

To buy a lottery ticket in a charity shop typically customers need to write their name and address (legibly) twice on pre-printed tickets. Once on the ticket itself and once on the ticket stub, the stub is then kept by the charity. Not only does this process put people off buying a ticket, but charities can only really sell and promote tickets when the shop is quiet, which kind of defeats the point. If this is done when it’s busy, queues build and people leave without buying anything. 

This does not just affect sales at the till point but there are also administrative headaches for charities selling tickets this way in-store as well, as Chris Routley, lottery manager at Hospiscare and the chair of the Hospice Lotteries Association, explains. “There are several barriers to overcome when considering to sell lottery tickets in shops. The printing and distribution of tickets and the associated costs, the time it takes to sort the returned tickets and input them into the lottery system, and most importantly how they are offered at the till point in a way that encourages the add-on sale.”

Seamless Lottery Transaction at the Till
What charities need is a Lotto way of selling tickets. In that the sale is quick and efficient and it is an easy add on sale that does not delay the transaction at the point of sale. At Cybertill we have developed a lottery module specifically for the till point. At this point it is important to point out that Cybertill is not a lottery provider, we simply partner with a charity’s lottery provider, for example Sterling Lotteries

How the Cybertill system operates is that our till system ‘communicates’ with the lottery providers system, the lottery provider allocates a number to the lottery ticket, and the receipt printer then produces the lottery ticket. This then becomes a seamless lottery transaction at the till, just as if the customer was buying their Lotto or Euro Millions ticket. 

“Cybertill lottery module allows the till operator to process a lottery sale with ease, meaning they will be more inclined to offer them in the first place. It also simplifies the whole admin process and integrates with any lottery system, not only saving time and money, but also opening up other opportunities such as being able to offer a rollover prize and selling tickets up to the last minute.”  Commented Chris Routley. 

See the Lottery Function in action at the Hospice UK Retail Conference on the 23rd April 2015 at the St John’s Hotel in Solihull. 


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