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How Retail is Changing

At the same time as the charity retail ‘revolution’ high street retail has also undergone its own transformation and become multi-channel, selling and fulfilling goods seamlessly across a variety of sales channels. And where the high street goes charity retail will follow. And now many charities are becoming multi-channel in their retail approach.

However, some charities are being thwarted in their attempts to transform into a multi-channel retail model, by their incumbent tills and EPoS systems. As their existing technology will only manage their shops. Cybertill is different as our charity retail system can help charities manage their sales across shops, ecommerce sitesmail order as well as sell and print lottery tickets via the till. But that’s not all for larger charities we can also help them manage their bought in goods and their supply chain with our warehousing and merchandising modules.

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As charities outgrow their stores and look to sell goods through other channels we can support this growth. As we are cloud based our EPoS, ecommerce, mail order applications share the same product and customer database, so there is only ever one version of the truth. In turn this gives charities, and their customers, a real time, single view of customers, stock and orders. Cybertill’s multi-channel charity retail system gives charities a single system with which they can manage their entire retail operations.