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Cybertill already makes processing transactions at point of sale simple and straight forward with staff simply scanning barcodes and taking payment. Donor Cards can make the process of taking donations of gift aided goods even easier. Charities can issue donor cards at point of sale. The donor simply completes the gift-aid declaration form when donating, if they have not done so already. The volunteer collects the donor’s details, this can be done by typing the post code in Cybertill. They then scan the unique barcode on the back of the card against the donor’s record. Every time the donor then donates goods they pass their card to the volunteer who scans it, this links the donated goods to the donor so when the goods are sold the charity can claim the gift aid. 

This method of issuing donor cards can be done in a variety of ways, some charities send out donor cards to all donors on their database and ask them to register their card when they are next in store. As Cybertill is cloud based charities can issue donor cards at their own events, such as midnight walks and input peoples’ details in Cybertill via a tablet and at the same time scan the unique barcode of the card into the person’s record.  As Cybertill is cloud based there is only one donor database that the charity shares, that means there is just one version of the truth and this helps eradicate duplicate records.

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