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This increase in revenue is a real driver for charities to claim gift aid. However the process of claiming gift aid is administratively cumbersome in-store. Whilst the majority of gift aid software solutions automate only part of the process and still require extensive administration and the need for volunteers to input data at the till.

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Gift Aid Software Solutions


Cybertill offers two gift aid software solutions, which are both part of its Charity Retail System. They are Advanced Gift Aid and Standard Gift Aid. They are different to many other gift aid systems as they automate the process and our single scan gift aid solution guarantees to eradicate all missed gift aid sales and drastically reduces the time it takes to process transactions at point of sale.

HMRC Compliant

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The processes, to claim gift aid, set out by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) can seem complicated. This has been compounded by the fact that in April 2013 there were some new rules introduced.

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Cybertill’s gift aid software has been developed in line with HMRC recommendations. What’s more with Cybertill you can submit your gift aid claims online, automating the process.

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Cybertill’s Gift Aid Software is proven to help charities increase their gift aid revenues. It has helped scores of charities increase and improve revenues when they have switched from other systems.

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