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Event Manager

Is your charity’s retail division using its fundraising events to drive supporters to your shops, increase engagement and capture more customer data for your organisation? If not, we’ve just made it simple, effective and highly lucrative for you.


Driving Footfall & Extra Revenue

CharityStore’s Event Manager is a brand new and highly innovative solution to combine all your fundraising tickets and registrations instore through your Cybertill EPoS system.

In partnership with Web Ticket Manager our exclusive Event Manager feature enables your charity’s retail and fundraising divisions to work together to drive you more income, increase engagement and gain you more promotion – with little effort, low cost and easy admin.


Unite Retail & Fundraising To Sell Event Tickets

From free events to paid events, local garden parties and the Summer Ball, through to the Midnight Walk and national events, CharityStore’s Event Manager is your missing link to win you extra revenue through uniting fundraising and retail:

  • Sell tickets instore, online and at events
  • Use fundraising promotions and events to attract footfall into store
  • Supporter loyalty card scanning for events
  • Live, online ticket availability
  • Live point of sale event diary, ticket pricing groups and quick sales
  • Automated, reliable event organiser
  • Cloud central data management
  • Instore fundraising event awareness and sign up/purchase
  • Event ordering charity branded website

Your Win-Win Revenue Generator

CharityStore’s Event Manager is the only one of its kind.

The highly unique event module sits within CharityStore’s all-in-one cloud platform, alongside your EPoS and Gift Aid solution.

You can quickly and easily start generating extra income through increased event attendance and reaching out to supporters instore.

Not only will you be uniting and maximising your promotional opportunities but you’ll be offering your supporters helpful event information and an easy and personal point of purchase/registration to keep them coming back to buy and donate.

What’s more, you can also quickly and easily start generating an income from Affiliate ticket sales through our box office for local events and attractions, driving further footfall to your stores and increasing profits. One regional charity generates £30,000 a year using the box office.

Our box office feature offers you:

  • Ability to develop a unique, local engagement tool
  • Free events – no costs, no fees
  • Low commission fees for paid charity events
  • Opportunity to collate more customer data
  • Increased ticket sales efficiency
  • Integrated CRM
  • A mobile responsive platform
  • Tools to attract new customers and supporters
  • Ability to provide enhanced customer service
  • Fast, live event searches

Want to Find out More?

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