Have you tried or are you thinking about selling on eBay but found it’s all too much hassle?

If you’re like most charities, eBay offers you a way to win back your lost high street sales but overcoming product
listing control issues, logistical costs and internal politics can be a daunting task.



True eBay Integration for Charity Retail

You need a solution to easily sell on eBay, that has live integration into your individual shops, warehouse and back office, that’s why CharityStore’s eBay module was created, giving you:

  1. price optimisationMore revenue and price optimisation
  2. integrationComplete integration into your other sales channels with a single product database
  3. Centralised controlCentralised control of product location and distribution
  4. GiftaidThe ability to claim gift aid on eBay sales of donated items
  5. Flexible product listingFlexible product listing and approval control
  6. Higher prices through rare item auctionsHigher prices through rare item auctions
  7. TargetPower to allocate eBay sales to a shop and give credit against targets
  8. global audienceExpanded sales opportunities through eBay’s global audience
  9. Dramatic reductionDramatic reduction in admin tasks associated with selling on eBay

Making eBay Work for You

The CharityStore eBay tool takes the pain out of listing on eBay and related problems with:

  1. increase in revenue
    A certain increase
    in revenue
  2. Efficienc
  3. protection
    Protection against
    losing gift aid by
    selling on eBay
  4. Support
    UK technical support,
    365 days a year
  5. Mouse
    Ease of use
  6. Success
    Reporting tools
    to track success

Want to Find out More?

For more info about our eBay and our complete charity retail system, click here.

To discuss your requirements or to book a free demonstration,
call 0800 030 4459 or email enquries@charitystore.co.uk and speak to one of our charity advisors.