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Independent Charity Retailers

Independent charity retailers, those with one or just a few stores are unlikely to have any IT resource to help them deploy and manage an EPoS or gift aid system.

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Regional Charity Retailers

Regional charity retailers, often hospices, need to be able to see the best and worst sellers across their stores so they place the right products in the right stores.

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National Charity Retailers

National charities require extensive reporting so they are able to benchmark their stores and they will often require supply chain modules, to help them manage their warehouses and replenishment of their stores.

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Different Solutions for Different Sizes

Many charity retail systems are a ‘one size fits all’ solution. You will find large charity retailers use the same system that small charities use. The end result is that neither charity gets the most out of the system as it does not specifically cater for their requirements. Cybertill’s charity retail system is different in that it can cater for charities of all sizes with its many and varied modules, whether that’s a simple EPoS and gift aid software system to an end-to-end retail solution.