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Charity Retail Systems for Independent Charities

When a small independent charity retailer invests in a charity EPoS and gift aid system it is critical they get it right. As choosing the best system will have a huge financial impact. Get it right and you reap the rewards, get it wrong and it can become a financial millstone for the charity. The whole process of selecting a charity retail system can be daunting for independent charities, as often there may be limited experience in researching and choosing a charity retail system.

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A Helping Hand

At many smaller charities there just aren’t the resources that larger charities take for granted, such as dedicated IT staff. This has major implications when it comes to installing a gift aid and EPoS system and then training staff and volunteers. Cybertill has a dedicated projects team that helps manage the deployment of the system and we have dedicated charity trainers that come out and train the staff and volunteers.


Free Upgrades

What’s more there is the need to maintain a charity retail system once it is installed, such as run data back-ups and software updates. With Cybertill being cloud based, this means the software is hosted online, so Cybertill automates all the data back-ups and software updates are again taken care of by us. What’s more we complete software updates on the system regularly throughout the year free of charge, so you are regularly receiving additional functionality and any fixes on your existing system at no extra cost.


Easy to use EPoS

It is also vital that the chosen charity EPoS system is simple to use. When you have one or two stores you need them to run as smoothly as possible and having any sort of disruption can affect income generation. Cybertill’s advanced gift aid solution simply requires volunteers to scan a barcode at the till then take payment. There is no selecting categories, inputting prices so there is no room for error.


Flexible System

Volunteers and paid workers at independent charities often fulfill a variety of roles within the organisation, helping out wherever they can. A flexible workforce requires flexible systems. With Cybertill charities can access the system from any location with an internet connection. This means staff are not tied down to using a specific licensed office PC, to access the back office, and management can log on from the main office, shop or at home and continue working on Cybertill, on any web-enabled device.

Home basics

Home Basics

Home Basics, a Scottish Charity, has two shops in the Borders selling furniture, white goods and other household items to those most in need in the Scottish Borders. They installed Cybertill to help them manage their retail operations.

In their first year of claiming gift aid Home Basics will claim around


For a charity with a turnover of less than £100,000 it is a substantial benefit.

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“We wanted a simple system to use, as we would be getting 25% (gift aid) for doing very little, if, and that’s the key ‘if’ people signed up to it. And with the simplicity of Cybertill people do,” Home Basics also has some very impressive figures for gift aided sales. “In the first quarter of using Cybertill 37% of our sales were Gift Aided. This is now 49% and growing.”

Ian Weir, Volunteer, Home Basics

Home Basics Case Study


Find out more about how Home Basics has benefited from using Cybertill by reading their case study

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