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The future of retail is multi-channel. Successful retailers will need to have a real time, single view of customers, inventory and orders. The channel is for the customer to decide.

IAN TOMLINSON, founder & CEO of Cybertill

Cybertill started life as sketch on a napkin in a pizzeria, by founder and CEO, Ian Tomlinson, way back in 2001.  Ian’s idea was for retailers to have their retail software hosted online – at the time the term used to describe this was Application Service Provider (ASP). This would allow retailers’ shops, ecommerce sites and mail order operations to all share the same product and customer file from a single database. Essentially meaning that retailers and customers could see live stock levels in-store, online and over the phone.

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In the early years Cybertill was aimed primarily at ‘high street retail’. But in 2007 Cybertill developed a gift aid solution specifically for charity retailers and soon after British Red Cross became a customer. Fast forward to the here and now and there are over 100 charity retailers using Cybertill in thousands of locations. Cybertill provides a high street multi-channel retail solution as well as a charity retail system. 

Today, Cybertill is based on the outskirts of Liverpool, in Knowsley, and employees over 90 people and continues to flourish with hundreds retailers using the Cybertill system across many different sectors. Cybertill’s retail customers include many well-known names including Virgin Media, F. Hinds, Floors 2 Go, Cancer Research, British Red Cross, Oxfam Ireland to name but a few. 

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Cybertill's Directors

The Cybertill board of directors is comprised of management executives with extensive expertise and experience in the retail and technology industries and proven track records in successfully growing and developing businesses.

  • Ian Tomlinson
    Ian Tomlinson
    Chief Executive
  • James Ward
    James Ward
    Chief Operating
  • Rob Finley
    Rob Finley
    Business Development
  • Ed Micklewright
    Ed Micklewright
    Client Services
  • David Anderson
    David Anderson

The Cybertill Family

  • Robert Corcoran
  • Mary Blohm
  • Andy Glover
  • Ben Scott
  • Brenda Hall
  • Carina Mercer
  • lorraine-townsend
  • Susan Horan
  • Dave Hughes
  • Neil Dibsdall
  • David Collins
  • Michael Whiteley
  • Elaine Scott
  • Cormacc Kearns
  • Jenny Murphy
  • John Birch
  • Jules Neely
  • Karen Taylor
  • Matthew Morvelle
  • Lisa Rimmer
  • Long Ly
  • Caroline Barrow
  • Mark Atherton
  • Mark Evans
  • Matthew
  • Michael Morris
  • Steven Mannion
  • Paul Abbott
  • Jennifer Arnold
  • Paula Timmons
  • Rebecca Johnson
  • Stephen Shields
  • Rose Birchall
  • Simon Lavery
  • Adam Foy
  • Sue Kearney
  • Natasha Kirk
  • Daniel McCarrick
  • Michael Cropper
  • Christopher Hughes
  • Andrew Thompson
  • Jean Jackson
  • Parviz Ahmadi
  • Thomas Williamson
  • Zoe Cardwell
  • Chris Ward
  • Ben Gravener
  • Adrian Thomas
  • Sue Williams
  • Emma Jones
  • Tracey Mok
  • Matthew Bouch